Can you “flower” with Sol Source lights?

The kickoff, our first unit, is for seedlings/clone/vegetative only. We are working on a flower light to be released soon!

How high should I mount my Sol Source light?

Recommended mounting height is 6-18 inches depending on stage of growth.

Do Sol Source lights emit UV? 

Our Sol Source Lights do not currently emit any UV light.

What is the wattage of a Sol Source light?

85 Watts.

What size power chord does the Sol Source Kickoff Light come with?

The Kickoff System comes with a 6ft power chord at varying voltages.

How does Sol Source keep their lights from overheating?

 Our lights are passively cooled with no fans to ensure that there is no risk of overheating

Do your fixtures produce heat? 

Sol Source lights do produce some heat, but they are cool the touch and do not produce any infrared light, which only heats every surface it touches bringing your leaf surface temperature up.

Do Sol Source Lights get hot? 

Sol Source lights get warm to the touch.

What plug type do you offer on your lighting system? 

Customer will select if they want a 120v or 240v plug with their purcahase. 277v is special order, contact a sales rep for pricing and delivery. 

What is the mol/J and why does it matter?

 This equation is measure of photons a light puts out divided by joules of energy used. This gives you an efficiency number.

What is the amperage on Sol Source lights? 

Amperage for each unit can be found on our product page under specifications. To find amperage you take watts divided by voltage, so a 90w light at 120v is .75 amps.

What is PAR?

PAR stands for Photosynthetic Active Radiation. PAR is the amount of light that’s usable to plants- those wavelengths that will be used for photosynthesis. Just like the difference between a growing area and a canopy, PAR is not the measure of all of the light a grow light gives off, but the measurement of the wavelengths plants will absorb.

What is PPF?

PPF stands for Photosynthetic Photon Flux. This is a critical metric that tells us how much PAR a light-source emits.

Do you sell/ship to my country?

 We ship anywhere in the USA for free. For international shipping please contact a sales representative.

Do you offer financing?

We do not offer financing at this time

How do I sign up to become a Sol Source Brand Ambassador?

Contact Rand McHenry or visit the Sol Source Ambassadors page on our website, www.solsourcelighting.com.

What is a Sol Source lights footprint?

The Sol Source Kickoff Light covers approximately a 2’ x 4’ area with evenly distributed light.

 Do you offer a trial period for your product?